The Bus Stop Atheist

Saturday, July 26, 2014 @ 9am

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Alan Bean

Alan Bean
The Bus Stop Atheist
P.O. Box 245 | Harrison, ME 04040

Phone: 207-583-2923

First World Problems

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A more eclectic background than that of Alan Bean may be hard to find.  Raised in rural Maine, he was indoctrinated into a love of music by his two older sisters.  They used to spin Motown 45rpm records while forcing him to be their dance partner – even before kindergarten.  Things changed even further upon seeing the Beatles on the Ed Sullivan Show – a love had become a passion.

Alan was raised in the Roman Catholic tradition, served as an altar boy and was the first in his local parish to bring a guitar into a mass (much to the chagrin of many).  When out of direct parental influence, however, the culture of the 70′s swallowed him up and “religion” was no longer a viable part of his life.

He tried studying the sciences in college only briefly after high school before quitting to set out on the road to play music full time.  For about a decade, he toured the country with numerous groups playing rock, country, jazz, blues and R&B, before hanging up his guitar to seek a more “normal” life.  He then decided to try his hand at college again.  This time he excelled, eventually becoming a medical doctor.   Now, much like his lead character in “The Bus Stop Atheist”, science was his idol, his god.

Later, in the midst of a classic mid-life crisis, the guitar beckoned from beneath the bed.  Additionally, a life-long interest in the art and technology of recording led to opening a recording studio.  This turned out to be the vehicle to winding down his medical career and allowing his composing talents to flourish.

Completely unexpectedly, he found himself being hounded by the God of the universe who had been shoved in a corner and denied for nearly 30 years.  Now, with Christ finally in his life, everything was changed.

For more about Alan and the genesis of The Bus Stop Atheist, check out his Composer’s Blog, “Conversations at the Bus Stop”.CDCover2

“The Bus Stop Atheist” is the story of a young college student who, living comfortably in the relativism of today’s culture, remains wholly disconnected from all things spiritual. Logic and science are his trusted guides. Then one morning, while awaiting the bus to take him to the university, his neat and tidy personal constructs begin to be assaulted, one by one, by a series of “chance” encounters with some most unusual strangers…

The scenes that follow are told through dialog and a wide variety of musical genres, appealing to all tastes. No emotion is left out. The audience will be taken from curious fascination to laughter to tears to pure joy.

Could there really be such a thing as “truth” outside of science?

Comics and More Comics

Saturday, July 12, 2014 @ 9am

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Mark Scott Ricketts

Mark Scott Ricketts
Comic Book Writer

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Mark Ricketts (born December 9, 1955) is an American comic book writer, illustrator and cartoonist. He has worked for a variety of publishers including McGraw-Hill, Caliber Comics, Chaos! Comics, Mojo Press, Marvel Comics, Dark Horse Comics, Moonstone (comics) and Image Comics. He won the 2000 Klasky Csupo screenwriting award for his teleplay “Whiskey Dickel, Int’l Cowgirl.”

Ricketts got his break in 1990, when Gary Reed of Caliber Comics agreed to publish his first book “Warpwalking”. Ricketts created many original comics under the Caliber banner, but dropped out of the comics scene in 1996 to pursue other interests. In 1999, longtime friend Brian Michael Bendis encouraged Ricketts to continue making comics and showed his work to Jim Valentino, then Image Comics publisher. In 2000, Image published the graphic novel Nowheresville– a mystery set in 1950s Greenwich Village that combines Beat Generation culture with hard-boiled pulp crime fiction.

Ricketts created many original graphic novels at Image, including Dioramas which was optioned by Venture Studios. He also created a graphic novel for Dark Horse entitled Lazarus Jack and wrote four issues of The Invincible Iron Man for the Avengers Disassembled event. Over the years, Ricketts has written stories illustrated by Mike Hawthorne, Sean Phillips, Tony Harris, Scott Kolins, Brian Michael Bendis, Eric Wight, Neil Gaiman, Micah Farritor, Mitch O’Connell, Leanne Buckley, Andy Kuhn, Phil Hester, Alex Ross, Mike Mignola, David Mack, Michael Lark, Terry LaBan, Guy Davis, Jim Calafiore, Jay Geldhof, Jill Thompson, Galen Showman, Andrew Robinson and Tim Bradstreet.


Darby PublishingX
Jeff Kline
Darby Pop Publishing launches new line of comic books with Jeff Kline’s “Indestructible”

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Los Angeles, CA – Darby Pop Publishing releases the first in its new line of all-original comic books with the publication of the satiric superhero tale — “Indestructible” – on December 11th. Published and distributed in partnership with IDW, “Indestructible” is the story of a not-so-heroic slacker (Greg Pincus) who is in the wrong place at the right time, thwarting a robbery with what the general public believes to be “superpowers.”  This ongoing series will explore the pitfalls of celebrity, and examine just how far an ordinary Joe will go to maintain his — potentially lethal — fame and the perks that come with it.

“Indestructible” was written by Jeff Kline, who has been responsible for more than 40 animated and live-action television series and pilots including Transformers Prime, and G.I. Joe: Renegades. “Indestructible” #1 is penciled by Javi Garron, inked by Salvi Garcia and colored by Alejandro Sanchez. Jose Lopez is providing the main cover, with Bernard Chang providing a special subscription variant cover.

Kline’s passion for storytelling led him to found Darby Pop Publishing in early 2013. David Wohl (Marvel, Top Cow Productions, and more recently, Radical Comics) is Editor-In-Chief.

Darby Pop plans to release new issues of “Indestructible” monthly, and a new title every other month. The second title to be released will be “City: The Mind in the Machine,” due out in February, 2014, followed by “7th Sword,” in April, 2014.

Founder Jeff Kline (Transformers: Prime, G.I. Joe: Renegades) created Darby Pop Publishing with the goal of using the visual medium of sequential art — aka comic books — to tell all-new stories crafted by a small circle of friends. As a life-long lover of the form, Kline had been searching for years for someone with whom to partner who understood comics inside and out. It was upon meeting former Marvel and Top Cow Editor David Wohl that Kline knew he had finally found Darby Pop’s Editor-In-Chief.  The two have since reached out to many talented writers, artists, and comics professionals to build the team behind Darby Pop Publishing’s ever-growing array of original titles.

Darby Pop comic books are published and distributed by IDW Publishing.