Emerging Women Leaders

Saturday, February 28, 2015 @ 9am

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Susan DenchSusan Dench
Success & Co

Developing Emerging Women Leaders -

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Susan Dench is a corporate veteran, former global training executive and an expert on women in business. In her role advising organizations, she noticed that many capable women weren’t getting noticed or promoted. It wasn’t that their supervisors wanted to hold them back or that they didn’t have terrific ideas, they simply didn’t know how to put those ideas forward. Some lacked communication, networking and presentation skills, others had little executive presence or simply didn’t know how to self-promote. She decided to  tackle this issue, founding Success & Co. to engage and develop emerging women leaders within organizations that want to accelerate the advancement of a diverse workforce.

Susan’s latest book, “Connectworking™: The Savvy Woman’s Guide To Turning Small Talk Into Big Business,” is a must-have for any woman who wants to own the room, smash through glass ceilings or take her business to greater heights. Endlessly curious, Susan is also the founder and president of the Informed Women’s Network, a non-profit, non-partisan organization engaging, educating and empowering women on the power of the purse.

Susan can be reached at sdench@thesucccessco.com or 207.899.0301

Hiring Vets

Saturday, February 21, 2015 @ 8am

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Stephen MartinStephen Martin Sr.
SME Corporation

Low E was developed by Stephen Martin Sr. Stephen has over 40 years experience in General Construction as well as Steel and Metal Building Construction. As owner, he works hands on and is involved in supervising all Low E Building System projects. Low E is able to construct your project from engineering to a complete, finished product. Low E Buildings are engineered by Ronald T. Beauchesne. Ron is a qualified, experienced and Registered Engineer in most Northeast states.

In addition to engineering and supplying our energy efficient buildings, we offer optional erection/installation of our products through our experienced Steel Erection and General
Construction Division, SME Corporation. SME is a Martin owned, family operation
offering expertise in many areas of building construction.