The Business of Music

Saturday, November 22, 2014 @ 9 – 10am

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Our Second Hour Guests:

Mama's BboomshackX
Todd Regoulinski
Mama’s Boomshack

Speed of Soul

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Mama’s Boomshack is what the lovechild of James Brown and Sly Stone would sound like – an explosion of funky soul directly into the mainline.


Alan LeClairMichael Leonard MaiewskiAlan LeClair


The Furries

Hello Furri

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The FurriesThe FURRiES are an all-original musical duo based in Eliot, Maine U.S.A. The band was formed and performed their first show on December 27, 2013 without a single rehearsal. The FURRiES consist of singer, lyricist. and bassist Eric Alan LeClair, who enjoyed regional success as a solo artist in the mid to late 1990’s and drummer Michael Leonard Maiewski, former guitarist from ex-Trouble drummer’s drummer Jeff ‘Oly’Olsen’s band RetroGrave. Michael currently fronts the band Stasis. Their debut album was released on Halloween 2014. The sound of the band is an odd mix of dark, heavy music with upbeat lyrical and visual content.

Time to Grow

Saturday, November 22, 2014 @ 8 – 9am

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Our First Hour Guest:

Jeff O'DonalX
Jeff O’Donal

O’Donals Nurseries

At O’Donal’s Nurseries our goal is to grow gardeners for life by sharing our passion and knowledge of plants and gardening.

We strive to be a destination experience providing the visitor with an exciting selection of quality, hardy, healthy plants and garden-related products.

A bit of history

O’Donal’s Nurseries, Inc. has been in existence since the 1950’s. Begun as a tree service company, the present company took form after the garden center site was purchased from the Jackson family in 1959. The Jackson family had operated a nursery since 1850, originally named Forest City Nursery. Royce O’Donal was involved in landscaping and arboriculture while restructuring the overgrown growing areas. As the nursery took shape it required more time away from outside jobs and O’Donal’s reduced their landscaping services. Today, O’Donal’s is a complete nursery stock supplier to the retail and landscape trade, and performs no landscaping service other than landscape design.

The O’Donal’s family moved to their new home in 1978 and the garden center evolved as it is today. Complete renovation and an addition to the original building in 1985 complete the transformation from dwelling to the office/ store complex that now anchors the company.

The 10 acres the garden center sits on was originally used for field production. It slowly evolved into container growing/holding areas. Expansion of the growing fields occurred over many years. In about 1972, nine acres of fields across from the garden center were leased and prepared for planting. The 40 acre Deering fields were purchased in 1984, and first planted in 1985. The addition of these fields enabled O’Donal’s to produce plants on a more reliable production schedule.

Our knowledgeable staff

You would expect to find Certified Nursery Professionals at any nursery or garden center, and yes, there are many among us that have earned that distinction.

However, that person may also have a Bachelors of Fine Art degree in Painting, have a Ph.D. in Education, a bachelor’s degree in industrial engineering, geography, women’s studies, and certainly plant and soil sciences.

What brings us all together to work at O’Donal’s Nurseries is our love of plants. We would like to share our passion of the vegetative world with you and look forward to the stories and knowledge that you bring to us.

We all enjoy helping gardeners grow.